Tuesday, March 28, 2017

A glimpse of today

"I bleed for the Middle East! I bleed for the Middle East! Blow the trumpet in Zion! Who will go? Who will go?" God cries out through prophetic voice. Voices are lifted in intercession. Songs of surrender and pilgrimage ring out. We pray for China, Harlem NY, Florida...A young boy dances and flips on the floor, no shoes, dirty feet...pure joy erupting from somewhere deep inside. A staff member boldly proclaims the heart of God on the open mic. She leaves for Africa, indefinitely, in 2 months. Prayers and tears and worship flow freely. Incense rising up from an unlikely place.

"Guess what Miss Jessie?"
"You're pregnant." 
 "Was it consensual?" 
...I hold close and cry deep. Then I hold a small child who glues to my shoulder.

Food goes out by the bags and bags. The gospel is preached. Prayers for healing are answered. Spirits are stirred up as the Holy Spirit, the Spirit of Truth confronts counterfeit spirits. Coffee pours, hugs are exchanged, clothing is given away and diapers and wipes. Free hot meals are served and Hope shows up. Again. Jesus is here in every single moment.

We walk through the heat, carrying children and groceries, alongside a neighbor who is pregnant for the first time. We pray, walk, say hello and dream. We see Him here. Him. Jesus. The hope of the World. We are tired but we are in love. We will be back. He will be waiting.