Thursday, February 18, 2016

Just sit down.

There is a sweet contentment and humility that comes when we learn how to just sit down.
When we are not trying to prove something, be "in charge" or stand taller than anyone else. In fact, I prefer the floor! Even though I grew up singing on stages and standing above the crowd, mic in hand, I actually get awkward now when it comes to public attention and leadership among "the poor." There is something so precious and less demanding about them. And nothing humbles and unravels you quite like the constant presence of needy children. Day after day, year after year. You begin to relax, blend in and learn from them. I have learned to speak "up" to people, not talk "down" to them. I remember preaching the gospel, the truth about eternity and salvation, to a man on a Sunday morning in "The Gardens."  No microphone, no megaphone, no stage. The man was sitting in a chair on the sidewalk. I went lower than him, sat on the ground right in front of him and preached with boldness and authority. I was looking up to him and He listened. I won favor by taking the low road. And I continue to do so. Not just when I "preach," but in so many ways, so many times. I have made it a practice to go low. To identify. Most importantly, To worship. The word worship means "Down." Meekness is the model. Jesus served as our hero-example of this position, or, should I say dis-position! (See Philippians 2) In the Kingdom of God, the ladder is upside down. Oh the treasures lying at the bottom of this ocean! I fall down and find them-I find Him as I surrender. Bending to put shoes on feet, crying, face-to-floor in worship, sitting on the ground spending time with children, eating my lunch under a tree with the homeless...Jesus enters the unseen moments. The river flows to the lowest places. It's true. And I want to be covered in the river of His presence! Sometimes that means covered in dirt, in pain, in kids! But it's long as I'm at the feet of my King. Why do we try so hard to be anywhere else?

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