Thursday, May 19, 2016

Jessica Goodman/"Into The Deep"
2016 Watershed Music Group

The message behind the music...
“I want you to lead from under-water…” I heard the Lord whisper to me. 
I believe there is a deep and “all-in” place in God where we are fully surrendered and leave the comforts of shore-life behind. We dive in and follow Him lower, deeper into His heart until we are fully immersed in His presence and can hear His heartbeat. We say a resounding “Yes” to whatever He asks for the sake of love. It is a place that can feel dark and lonely at times, but the treasures found hidden here are worth it all! This has been a theme of my heart and ministry work for the past few years and from this perspective God has birthed so much life! He has also birthed songs, such as the songs included on this project. 
I want to live from the deep both spiritually and practically. This looks like finding Jesus in the secret place but also in the margins and in the faces of the poor.  This simple offering of worship music and words of testimony and prophecy are an invitation for you to follow me Into The Deep…
-Jessica Goodman

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